The Ethereal Gazette: Issue Five

When you have more than one issue of a magazine and an issue that is well-received in Chicago, there is no excuse to try to get a pirated copy of the publication when there are different size options for the price of the edition and the original historical size with which it was introduced. So, for those of you who are offering to try to pirate such a personal publication, there is no excuse – why not let the masses buy legitimate copies from the author? This book features a number of talented authors, including Steven Morgan and Alex Rivera. For those who ask about my role in this magazine, I am the editor-in-chief and editor behind it. My story in it is a work of creative nonfiction known as “The Diagnosis Pattern”. This edition is autographed, and you will see an electronic release of “The Diagnosis Pattern” on the website. My work of creative nonfiction has been published twice.

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