The Old School Joseph Peter Klapatch

In 1969, in the Anthracite Coal Region of Northeastern Pennsylvania, the school districts of Dickson City, Olyphant, and Throop merged to become the Mid-Valley School District. Shortly thereafter, plans were made to build a new Mid-Valley Junior-Senior High School. The plans were indefinitely postponed. The Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry condemned the elementary schools in Olyphant and Dickson City and ordered their closure. Some residents wanted to build a new school; others wanted to renovate the old schools. A lively debate ensued.

This book has two parts, History and Memoirs. The History section of the book consists of factual data on the schools of Olyphant from 1855 to 1969. This is background information for the Memoirs section of the book. It is a narrative about the author’s public education, beginning in 1969 with kindergarten and concluding with graduation in 1982. It also includes an Epilogue with an overview of the current state of the items discussed.

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