Review of the book “Animal Continent”, by Ana López Ortí

And in the form of a collection of poems we are going on a trip, to tour the world through the six continents: Europe, Asia, Africa, America, Oceania and the Polar Lands. The Moon will be in charge of taking us wrapped up and holding hands so that we do not get lost, and the animals of each of those continents will be the protagonists of poems that talk about life, the world, the heat of the sun and the home.

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Each section is dedicated to a continent and begins with a request that says:

“- Luna, can you tell me a story?

This question, as I say, is asked by the continent in which we find ourselves at any given time, the first is Europe, then will come Asia followed by Africa and America (the three A’s), to finish with the Polar Lands and Oceania. At each stop on this beautiful trip, we are going to read some simple and attractive poems composed by Ana López Ortí, and we will be able to enjoy some beautiful illustrations by Lucía Cobo.

It will be within the Orihuela Collection, from Kalandraka Editora, where we can find this Animal Continent, which is the name of the work that concerns us today. And it is a nice proposal for the little ones in the house to get closer to the poetic genre without fear of getting lost.

“From the city, by a river,

On a paper boat

It reaches the delta, to the sea

“That one day he saw her born”

This is how the poem “On a Paper Boat” from the European continent begins, which ends with a “He sees her smile” that comforts us and gives us a smile.

In Animal Continent We have poems dedicated to the most popular animals: the panda bear, the Galapagos tortoise, the giraffe, the polar bear, the penguins, and even a wolf (not a ferocious one). They all have a common denominator: they are sung by the Moon, which illuminates the paths every night and ensures that our friends do not feel alone in the dark.

The poetry with which it ends Animal Continent It is a good example of how the story works, it is titled “Everyone waits” and it reads like this:

“At the foot of an old Australian oak tree

a wise kangaroo reads the press.

Among the branches of a eucalyptus

the gray koala plays calmly.

The dingo sings in its burrow

while the devil eats plums.

Two white velvet clouds

They dance happily touching the ground.

On his lap, the four friends

They are already settling in with great vigor.

Everyone waits with great longing

Let the Moon tell you a story.”

Have you written a book and want us to read it?Have you written a book and want us to read it?

It is not surprising that we end up reading Animal Continent and that it puts a smile on our faces since the illustrations transport us in a special way to each of the six continents. We can enjoy a wonderful view of the elk looking at its own reflection in a lake where, in addition, a rainbow is bathing. The wolf rests on a book that he himself fills with stories to tell. A family of polar bears plays animatedly next to a lute waiting for someone to play it. The Bengal tiger looks amused at the small woolen hat that shelters its long tail and the giraffe licks its lips after having had a delicious lunch while a little bird sings in its ear. Perhaps the most tender moment features the three newborn lions who sleep curled up while the moon’s rays embrace them. And the most exciting is the little Kiwi, who is painting his wings with red wax so he can go hug the Moon, and with this he tells us about the dreams that are about to come true.

In Animal Continent We will be able to enjoy some beautiful poems designed for children who like to learn and who enjoy while doing it. Kalandraka editor surprises us again with a collection of poems for the whole family.

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