Emerald Sea Braid
de Brandon Sanderson

(Secret novel 1 – January 19, 2023)
Return to the Cosmere universe with a fun and captivating adventure that fans of The Princess Bride will love.

On his native island on an emerald green ocean, the only life Braid knows is simple, marked by the pleasure of collecting the cups brought by sailors from distant lands and listening to the stories his friend Charlie tells him. But when Charlie’s father takes him on a boat to find him a wife and a catastrophe occurs, Braid must sneak onto a boat as a stowaway and set off in search of the sorceress who lives in the deadly Midnight Sea. Amid spore oceans full of pirates, can Braid abandon her peaceful life and create a place for herself in an ocean where a single drop can mean instant death?

Brandon Sanderson (Lincoln, Nebraska, 1975) is the great fantasy innovator of the 21st century, with twenty-three million readers, and the most prolific author in the world. Since debuting in 2006 with his novel Elantris, he has dazzled readers in thirty languages ​​with the Cosmere, the fascinating universe of magic shared by most of his works. Sanderson is the author of the brilliant Mistborn saga, consisting of The Final Empire, The Well of Ascension, The Hero of Ages, Alloy of Law, Shadows of Identity and Bracers of Duel. After The Breath of the Gods, a work of epic fantasy in a single volume in the vein of Elantris, he began with The Way of Kings a magnificent and enormous decalogy, The Archive of Storms, which continued with Radiant Words, Oathbringer and The Rhythm of War (in addition to the short novel Shard of Dawn). With the Squadron series (Squadron, Stellar, Cytonic and Sky Squadron), Sanderson also reaches out to science fiction readers. With a publication plan of more than twenty future works (which contemplates the interconnection of all of them), the Cosmere will become the most extensive and impressive universe ever written in epic fantasy.

Sanderson lives in Utah with his wife and children and teaches creative writing at Brigham Young University. Creative Writing Course is the book that collects valuable advice from him.

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