Book Club 2024 – Some Good Books

He reading club It consists of being part of a group of readers who enjoy reading a proposed book at the same time, and commenting on each other’s impressions. A personal reading with the possibility of sharing together the experience of a joint reading.

Every month from the literary blog Some Good Books We propose a reading in this 2024 virtual reading club with a monthly plan.

We hope you read with us and above all enjoy reading in the 2024 edition reading club. We invite you to share your impressions on our social networks, you will find the links to the Instagram, Facebook and Twitter posts in this post.

Participating in this 2024 Reading Club is very simple:

– Read with us following the calendar, it is just a guide, nothing happens if you get ahead or behind a little, read at your own pace, the important thing is that we all enjoy it.

– You can comment on the reading of the month post about your impressions of the book.

– Share in your profile or stories how your reading progress is going, and tag us to share it in our stories. Use in hashtags #ClubDeLecturaALB

With the Virtual Reading Club 2024 we want to make reading a unique, fun and community experience. Join this group of readers and enjoy monthly joint reading. Welcome and welcome, our motto is: Read, Comment and Share!


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