Review of the book “We are violets”, by Marta Galisteo Gómez

we are violets

«I’m Alice and I’m in jail for murder. This is a confession. If you have it in your hands, it is because you are a friend or family member waiting for an explanation.

I like books that start strong, do you? Definitely, we are violetsthis new release from the publisher Books and Literature It has spectacular first lines, the kind that manage to grab you from the beginning and threaten to make you unable to put the book down. And so it is: Marta Galisteo Gómez has written a dizzying and certainly addictive novel that will make you not want to stop reading this story.

Alice is in jail, yes, that is something that, as you have read, we have known from the beginning. But what has led this young woman to end up behind bars? we are violets It is his, let’s say, confession. What you have in your hands, reader, is the first-person testimony of the reasons that led Alice to end up in prison.

Apparently, his life is more or less simple. Daughter of a wealthy family, Alice strives to pursue her dream: to be a professional photographer. Meanwhile, memories of her past love with Connor, whom she met when she was only eighteen, intersect with a present determined to make things complicated for her. And everything takes a radical turn when Lucca re-enters her life. This young Italian painter suggests that he pretend to be her partner at a special event. What begins as a fun game for the two soon becomes a web from which Alice finds it impossible to escape.

Little by little, Alice begins to get hooked on this dangerous game. And Lucca has something irresistible for her. She knows that she is no good to him, but she also knows that she feels a strange addiction to him that makes her always want more. Beside her, Alice understands that she can desire herself without loving, but she cannot love herself without desiring.

As I told you, the past, Connor, returns to this uncertain present to make things a little more complicated. And, without really knowing how, our young photographer gets involved in a plot that lacks nothing. A plot that unfolds before her eyes without her being able to do anything but let herself go. Until, one day, fed up with always being manipulated, Alice decides to take charge of her life. This time yes. This time she will be the one to control her destiny, whatever it may be.

And up to this point, readers, I can read. Going deeper into the story would be spoiling part of the plot and I wouldn’t want that to happen. Yes, I can tell you that this novel with overtones of thriller it will surprise you. Not only because of the story itself, but also because of the literary style of Marta Galisteo Gómez. A voice full of very fine black humor that will make you laugh more than once. A fast, direct style, with short chapters that, page after page, hook and captivate.

we are violetsfrom the publisher Lbooks and literature, is a different read that promises to immerse you fully in its story, which will entertain you, excite you and intrigue you in equal parts. Ah, you can’t miss that ending. What an ending!

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