Review of the book “Alma and the path of awakening”, by Verónica Romero.
By Inés Román.

Verónica Romero, multi-platinum singer, songwriter, writer, television personality, actress and fitness model, rose to fame in 2001 as a finalist in the first edition of Operación Triunfo, (OT1). She gets her moment of glory with more than 15 million viewers, selling more than a million copies of her first album. She participated in Survivors.

A niche was opened in the music scene in the US, Los Angeles, Miami and Australia.

I see what those closest to her call her, she is a soul eager for knowledge. He explores and delves into fields such as drawing mandalas, something that helped him find peace and serenity. On their website you can find designs and each one has an affirmation or mantra in several languages.

There are many forms of therapy, but one that the author discovered was writing. She had been using it for a long time and she decided to share it with other people to help them and thus her first work was born.The valuable secret that hides your smile”. Full of valuable reflections and mandala drawings to find balance and inner peace. This book meant for her the discovery of another way to communicate with her followers and share her life experiences and learnings through her writing.

Restless and curious woman, after a painful breakup, delves deeper into the path of spirituality. She begins to feel how her own Soul asks her to write in a fun, magical, tender and loving way, how Alma, her protagonist, receives the call of awakening and decides to enter the path to the unknown and stand up to the uncertainty.

The book is full of wisdom that we all have access to, but ignore, and that was one of the first pieces of knowledge that Verónica discovered and that she tells us through Soul and the path of awakening towards herself.

On this path you first have to lose yourself to truly know yourself, then everything you have experienced until now loses strength, and no longer makes sense, you feel like something is changing inside you and then you have to listen to your heart to understand that there is something. more powerful than your thoughts, possessions or beliefs and it is waiting for you at the doors of the path, to consciously live your life experience.

“Your awakening is the recognition of your being”

In this novel you will find keys to help heal your body, mind and spirit so you can shine with your own light.

A fable so well written and developed that mixes spiritual wisdom and magic in which the characters are everything that is present in our lives, such as “the forest, the trees, birds or stones”, without forgetting a fairy godmother of the classic stories.

The book is divided into 27 chapters and at the end of each one you will find a message as a life lesson towards what we all long for “happiness” from love. And he leaves us a summary of the most important teachings of the chapter with very valuable quotes.

Romero uses simple, clear and elegant language. It seems as if his ideas, experiences and words were “everything, one and the same thing” and slid with finesse and ease on the stage that is paper. There is a lot to highlight about the book, but I had to choose and I end this review with these words from Verónica.

“You are not born to be mediocre, you are born for greatness. I’m not talking about material success, recognition or fame, I’m talking about the greatness of living in accordance with your purpose, knowing who you are, to leave your essence in the evolution of this experience called life.”


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