The sting of the scorpion (Nora Kelly 2)
de Douglas Preston y Lincoln Child

(30 March 2023)

Apache legends, abandoned mines and secret experiments in the second installment of the new Preston & Child series that mixes archaeology, history, murder and suspense.

Corrie Swanson, a young FBI agent, is faced with the discovery of a mummified body in High Lonesome, a long-abandoned New Mexico mining town. The corpse is in a fetal position, her face has a terrifying rictus and a cross made of gold and precious stones is hidden among her clothes. The strange find raises many questions and Corrie enlists Dr. Nora Kelly’s collaboration in the excavation.

The deceased’s name was Jim Gower and he used to wander around the town looking for relics of the native Indians of the area and the Spanish conquistadors who arrived later. Corrie locates the dead man’s only descendant, Jesse Gower, who claims ownership of the gold cross and claims that before he began searching for ancient artifacts, Jim Gower had owned a ranch a few miles from High Lonesome, which he expropriated. government.

The investigation concludes that Jim Gower died around 1945, poisoned. Meanwhile, Dr. Kelly has identified one of the objects found next to the body, it is a bag of herbs with medicinal properties, like those used by the Apaches.


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