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  • Nadja, a woman with a traumatic childhood, will have to fight to prove her innocence and avoid the death penalty, after falling into a trap and being accused of a crime she did not commit.
  • After the novel that established her as a best-selling author, Romy Hausmann surprises again with a more mature, deep and complex thriller

After the great global success of My sweet little girlthe writer Romy Hausmann surprises us with a more mature and complex story, but no less absorbing, that introduces us to the skin of a woman who will suddenly find herself thrust into a terrible situation in which she will have to fight to prove her innocence and to avoid becoming the monster into which a dark character, emerging from the darkness of her past, seeks to transform her.

The play introduces us to Nadja, a woman who has a traumatic family past, who finds herself involved in a crime she did not commit, which will force her to fight for her innocence to avoid being sentenced to death. It all begins when, after a relationship crisis, the protagonist arrives at an isolated wooden house in the middle of the forest, where she will fall into a trap from which she will have to work hard to get out. The novel is divided into two plot lines at different times. In one of them, the present one, Nadja acts as a defense lawyer for a wife who has been unfaithful to her husband. In the other, the protagonist tells us the story of what happened in that cabin in the middle of nowhere.

The narrative advances while maintaining the intrigue, allowing the reader to connect the dots little by little until they discover for themselves the complicated relationships that the various characters in this intricate plot maintain among themselves, in which no one is what they seem to be. A narrative in which suspense keeps you in suspense until the end, and whose secrets and deep implications fascinate and surprise in equal measure. The reader empathizes with desires such as the understandable desire to have a happy family. Something that, however, cannot be achieved by force.

The harshness of the situation, both psychological and physical, is captured in a very plastic way, the tachycardia reaches the reader. Hausman’s mastery of balancing empathy and sustained tragedy is reminiscent of the books of Petra Hammesfahr, who also often writes about the psychological terror of adults towards children. The writer combines great emotionality, imaginative language and almost a certain lightness, with abysmal cruelty, darkness and violence. It is hard work, and it has taken her a long time to be satisfied with her new book. Even so, she does not rule out that readers could receive it in another way. “But it is a good book. I can honestly say that I have given everything, that I have suffered and cried,” she says.

Definitely, Martha is asleep It is a dizzying thriller that captivates the reader from the first moment, immersing them in its gruesome plot full of mystery that explores the fragility of human beings and their darkest impulses. His characters are masterfully drawn and loaded with a depth that makes them unique. Its narrative, meticulously crafted to maintain suspense and full of cliffhangers, He displays a very personal and well-worked style. You won’t be able to stop turning the pages!

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