A story of forbidden loves, betrayals and mysteries.

Alfonso IX, the last monarch of León, as an independent kingdom, tries to expand its territory at the expense of the taifa of Badajoz. To conquer Cáceres he incorporates hosts of the Military Orders of Santiago and the Temple into his army.

Soon, disagreements arise between both Brotherhoods that have their own interests in the reconquest of Cáceres.

Such disputes affect Alonso Ruiz, Santiago captain of the Leonese army, to whom we owe the strategy of the definitive assault that has managed to conquer the Cáceres fortress.

Due to these intrigues, the young Santiago native is forced to make an initiatory round trip from Cáceres to Trujillo, in order to save his beloved, the daughter of the disappeared governor of Muslim Cáceres.

Meanwhile, far from there, in Ponferrada, a plan is being drawn up that involves the Templars, the Cathars, Frederick II of Hohenstaufen, head of the Holy Roman Empire, Temujin, Genghis Khan…, and, without knowing it, to Alonso Ruiz himself.

About the book:

“Gisela’s Mirror” is a short novel (150 pages) based on the legend about the definitive conquest of Cáceres in the 13th century by the Leonese king Alfonso IX.

Following the technique of stories within stories, the author manages to create an atmosphere of immersive suspense that keeps even readers who know the legend and its ending in suspense and hooked. The text captures the reader’s attention from the first page to the last.

An officer of the Military Order of Santiago comes into conflict with the powerful Order of the Temple. The Templars thus begin a persecution that for the man from Santiago turns out to be an initiatory journey of vital importance for his beloved, the daughter of the defeated caíd of Cáceres until ending in an unexpected outcome.

All of this is framed in international events that also involve the Cathars, Frederick II of Hohenstaufen, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, and Temüdjin, Genghis Khan.

A very well-researched book that can be read in one go and holding your breath. Do not miss it.

It is a good gift for readers who like historical novels, romantic stories, magic and witchcraft.


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