After the success of The Mentalist and The Cult, comes the conclusion of the trilogy by Camilla Läckberg and the mentalist Henrik Fexeus.


Why read “The Mirage”?
With 35 million readers in 60 countries, Camilla Läckberg is the queen of crime fiction in Europe.
Together with the renowned mentalist Henrik Fexeus they form a successful tandem.
A frenetically paced plot focused on numbers, codes and mind games.
A fast-paced start with a mysterious call that marks a countdown before dying.

The expected outcome arrives
After conquering more than 1,500,000 readers internationally with The Mentalist and The Cult, Camilla Läckberg and Henrik Fexeus present us with The Mirage.

Christmas is approaching in Stockholm and the city is filled with lights. But something sinister is about to happen: at the same time that a member of the Swedish ministry is being threatened in a macabre way, a pile of mysterious-looking bones is found on the city’s abandoned subway tracks, and everything indicates that They belong to a major financier.

Investigator Mina Dabiri and her colleagues in the Homicide department, still in shock after the tragic events of last summer, will be put to the test again. When clues begin to run out, Mina decides to turn to mentalist Vincent Walder. He, in turn, fights tirelessly against his own demons. What or who are hiding in the tunnels deep in Stockholm? And, most importantly, for what reason?

Läckberg’s innate talent for devising fascinating plots and characters, and Fexeus’s experience in the world of mentalism come together again in a fast-paced case that will keep you in suspense until the last page.

The most personal novel
The long-awaited outcome of the series comes with ‘The Mirage’, a self-contained volume that takes readers on an unprecedented emotional journey. This most personal installment of all, readers will witness the tragic impact that the loss of Peder has left on the lives of the main characters. Ruben finds himself increasingly comfortable in his role as the father of a preteen; Christer has found love in the figure of Lasse; Julia, leader of the police team, faces both personal and professional challenges; Milda, the coroner, struggles with family problems that affect her daily life.

However, it is the focus on Mina that heightens the tension of the narrative. The plot centers on her ex-husband, Niklas Stockenberg, a member of the Swedish ministry, who is threatened with death.

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After more than 40 million copies sold in more than 60 countries, this trilogy marked the
Camilla Läckberg’s return to the genre for which she is known worldwide: the crime novel.
He did it with four hands with the writer Henrik Fexeus, one of the greatest mentalists.
worldwide recognition, and more than 1.5 million readers have already been seduced by its
protagonists Mina and Vincent.


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