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The essays in The Last Summer are organized around five axes. The first group, which makes up the epigraph of “Memory”, suggests a certain continuity with the book published by the author On Nostalgia. Damnatio memoriae (Editorial Alliance, 2019).

«These texts tend to be snapshots that dialogue, more or less explicitly, with lack, with absence and return. “I wouldn’t want to have to give a better reason about them.” “What’s Now”, the second block of this compendium, brings together the texts that Diego Garrocho considers to refute some poorly founded beliefs and trends of our time.

The third section includes purely moral reflections and addresses the way we live and the way we usually reason morally.

“The ethical vocation of the entire book perhaps becomes more visible in this third part.” The fourth block, “The city”, brings together texts of political intent. Some are general and others arose as a result of specific events.

«They do not want to be purely critical texts and I hope, in some of them, I have managed to have made some purposeful contribution. “I do not hide my letters and the ideological assumptions from which I write find their most immediate sources of inspiration in civic republicanism and in a certain classical tradition.” Finally, the author titles “The Spirit” the section dedicated to reflections that have as their object culture, education or literature.

«Last summer is a compendium of minimal failures, although some have become quite loud. I have never been able to find what I was looking for. I have never been able to write what I really wanted. And from that frustration I believe that we will continue trying to repair the absence of some valuable things that are no longer there. Or some things that, despite being there, are not, I think, as and where they should be. Like that last summer. Last Summer, which can be read in a generational key, offers a sensitive and original perspective on the world, and is a careful sample of the work in the press that, for some years, Diego Garrocho has combined with his academic work.

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