The vet. Big dreams
by Sarah Lark

(September 7, 2023)

Crossing decades and continents, a wonderful story of love, friendship and women who break barriers.


The year is 1912 and, in order to work as a veterinarian, Nellie marries her friend Phipps, who is going to inherit her father’s practice. Although she is not in love with him, they have had a close friendship since childhood and Nellie promises to free him from the marriage as soon as the opportunity arises for him to realize her true vocation as a musician. The occasion arises at the end of World War I and Phipps suddenly disappears from Nellie’s life. He is now fighting with her co-worker, Maria, to establish a veterinary practice in Berlin. But the past and her love will soon catch up with her again…

Sarah Lark is the pseudonym of a successful German author who lives in Almería. For many years she worked as a tourist guide, thanks to which she discovered her love for New Zealand, whose amazing landscapes have always exerted an almost magical attraction on her. She has written various sagas, such as the White Cloud Trilogy, the Kauri Tree Trilogy or the Fire Trilogy, of which she has sold, in total, more than one and a half million copies in the Spanish language. Her latest novels, Under Distant Skies, The Year of the Dolphins, The Secret of the River House, Where the Day is Born and The Secret of the North Island, have also received public favor.


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