Review of the book “Birthday Gift”, by Amparo A. Machí

Dear readers of the editorial Books and Literaturetoday I return with a new release that will delight suspense lovers. Birthday giftby the writer Amparo A. Machí, is a thriller coral that promises to trap you in its pages and immerse you in a story whose undisputed protagonists are ambition and selfishness. A novel that brilliantly reflects the lack of scruples of some people and the pursuit of their own interests.

John has grown up in the suburbs of Chicago in the years following the Great Depression. The only son of a family of Hispanic origin, he soon realized that the lifestyle of his father, who worked incessantly; and school as a form of education were not the ideal life that he wanted for himself. In this way, he started working at the age of thirteen as a horse racing bet collector and, little by little, he was looking for his own ways to make a living… Of course, in his own style. At first they were small criminal acts, but he soon knew how to change his destiny and got a well-worked stroke of luck. However, his desire for luxury and expensive things leads him to leave Chicago for a Spanish coastal city.

In his new destination, John meets Marina, a wealthy young woman from a wealthy family who has everything, except a health problem that has tormented her since she was little and for which there seems to be no cure. John immediately notices her and begins to court her, until, very soon, Marina falls into her trap and they decide to get married.

Marcos, Marina’s brother; and Trini, his wife, are not sure about John’s true intentions. That’s why they don’t take their eyes off him. A change in inheritance will make everyone put on their guard and seek to defend their own interests no matter who falls in the way. Marina’s birthday will soon be and this year she will receive a very special gift that will change the destiny of everyone involved in the plot of this novel. It will be then that Inspector Segel enters the scene to find the pieces of the past that connect with this present full of uncertainties and mysteries to solve.

Up to this point, readers, I can tell you about the plot of this thriller from the publisher Books and Literature. You will have to discover the rest with the help of its characters and I guarantee that it is well worth delving into this novel full of mystery, twists and surprises.

Amparo A. Machí gives us a choral story, where each of its protagonists has a lot to say. Putting yourself in the shoes of each character to unravel this tangle of dark intentions and secrets from the past that are about to be revealed becomes an addiction once you open the book. His prose, careful and fast, the setting and characterization of characters are wonderful.

So, if you are looking for a thriller that entertains you, that immerses you in an original plot and keeps you hooked, Birthday gift It is the book you were waiting for. Don’t you already want to know what will be such a special gift?

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