David Gurney returns on his seventh adventure, “The black angel”, this time to face one of the strangest cases he has ever had, as he must solve a crime committed by a dead person.

It is so John Verdon manages to create a convoluted case that will make his star detective have to go to a lost town in New York, to unravel the mystery hidden behind a series of murders that appear to have a satanic aura.

The mystery is very well developed and Verdon plays with the reader by leaving clues so that they can also develop hypotheses about who the murderer who devastated an elitist town could be.
In this way, the reader will have to follow Dave Gurney on his journey to get to the bottom of a mystery with mystical overtones, but he will find a town that hides dark secrets, which can shed light on a case where a “dead man” has been found. turned into a serial killer.

The Black Angel is perhaps a better story than his previous case, You Will Burn in the Storm, as Verdon manages to spin a fast-paced narrative with a very well-made mystery, returning to his origins, and making Dave Gurney shine again.


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American author born in 1942 who worked as an advertising executive in Manhattan. A late writer with a literary conception close to Thomas Harris, Harlan Coben or Michael Connelly, he achieved a notable commercial reception with his first novel, the police intrigue “I Know What You’re Thinking” (2010). The book, which became an international best-seller, introduced the character Dave Gurney, a retired New York police officer who was also the central focus of his novels “Don’t Open Your Eyes” (2011) and “Leave The Devil Alive” (2012). . His last work published in Spanish is “No Confies En Peter Pan” (2013).

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