One hot summer day the inspector Elena Blanco, leading the Case Analysis Brigade, breaks into the home of a middle-class family and reaches the teenage son’s room. What they feared is confirmed on his computer screen: the boy is watching a live snuff session in which two hooded men torture a girl. Helpless, they witness how the sadistic spectacle continues until the death of the victim whose name, for the moment, they do not know. How many before her will have fallen into the hands of the purple network?


The authors behind the pseudonym Carmen Mola They return with the continuation of the detective saga Elena Blancowith the novel «The purple network», beginning just after the resolution of the case of the murder of the gypsy bride and the truth about the kidnapping of Elena’s son was revealed.

Carmen Mola once again manages to create a thriller with an agile narrative that leads detective Elena to enter the jaws of an organization that kidnaps people to create all kinds of perverse entertainment, from snuff films to bets on fights to the death with children.

The narrative is stark, nothing is held back and it exposes an underworld of criminal perdition hidden in plain sight in the less favored neighborhoods of today’s Madrid. «The purple network» Not only is it a detective novel in which the typical game of cat and mouse is exposed, but it leads the reader to experience the psyche of the protagonist as she has to deal not only with a criminal network but with the meeting of her son kidnapped years ago, discovering that the person he has become is not what he expected.

«The purple network» is a great continuation that is not covered with euphemisms, but is expressed crudely to show how crime can be much darker and more perverse than one might believe, and how the cases gradually destroy the detective, as well as make visible the evil that lies within some human beings.



Carmen Mola was born in Madrid in the second decade of the year two thousand. She was the name chosen by Antonio Santos Mercero, Jorge Díaz and Agustín Martínez to sign a crime novel saga written by six hands.

Antonio Santos Mercero is a journalist and screenwriter. He is the author of “Inside Paradise” and co-creator of “Hospital Central”, “Lobos” and “MIR”.

Jorge Díaz is a journalist and screenwriter. He has been linked to projects such as “Central Hospital”, “Blind to Appointments” and “Acacias”. He is also the author of the novels The Elephant Numbers and Letters to the Palace.

Agustín Martínez is a publicist and screenwriter. He has collaborated in programs such as “Without tits there is no paradise”, “La chica de Yesterday” and “Víctor Ros”. He is also the author of the novel Monteperdido.

Carmen Mola is, in short, a literary project created by these three writers in 2018 whose works have been published to date in Alfaguara. Although that is changing, given that his new novel La Bestia, upon being awarded the 2021 Planeta Prize, will be published by the publishing house that awards it.


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