Review of the book “Hildur” by Toni Montesinos.

“Hildur” is a novel by the Catalan writer Toni Montesinos that takes us to 19th century Iceland to meet the protagonist who gives the work its title. The story begins with Hildur as a girl, who loses her mother and is taken in by a wealthy family in the city of Reykjavik. There, Hildur grows up and is educated, but she always feels different from others and does not feel comfortable in the society in which she lives.

Hildur is a historical novel by the Spanish writer Toni Montesinos. The work tells the life of Hildur, a young Viking who becomes the first female navigator and explorer of her time, and who discovers lands unknown to Europeans, such as Iceland, Greenland and America.

The novel is based on historical and legendary sources, such as the Icelandic sagas, the Irish annals, and the tales of Arab travelers. The author recreates with rigor and detail the world of the Vikings, their culture, their religion, their customs and their conflicts. Likewise, it portrays the personality of Hildur, a brave, intelligent and curious woman, who faces the prejudices and difficulties of her environment to fulfill her dream of traveling and getting to know other peoples.

The novel has an agile and immersive style, which combines action, romance, humor and adventure. The reader is immersed in a fascinating journey through the 10th century, accompanying Hildur and his companions on their adventures through sea and land. Hildur is a novel that tells us about the passion for knowledge, the value of freedom and the power of women.

Over time, Hildur begins to feel the call of nature and decides to leave the city to live in full contact with Icelandic nature. She settles in a small cabin near the sea and there she dedicates herself to growing her own food, raising animals and living in communion with the environment that surrounds her. Hildur thus becomes a kind of modern hermit, seeking happiness and peace in the simplicity of life.

Throughout the novel, we are shown how Hildur faces numerous obstacles on her path to independence and happiness. Along the way, Hildur meets other characters who also fight against the conservative and restrictive society in which they live. The novel shows us how the search for freedom can be a lonely path full of difficulties, but also how it can be a source of satisfaction and personal fulfillment.

Toni Montesinos’ style is very descriptive, making the reader feel immersed in the beauty and harshness of Icelandic nature. In addition, the work is full of cultural and historical references, which provides added value to reading. The novel is also a reflection on society and its norms, and on individual freedom in the face of social pressure.

In summary, “Hildur” is a novel with a poetic style and a moving story about the search for freedom and happiness in a world that limits us. The work is an ode to nature, self-knowledge and personal independence. Recommended for those who enjoy introspective stories and the beauty of nature.


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