Beyond the walls
de DVP

The insubstantial life of a young woman changes radically the day she is deprived of her freedom. An unjust punishment that will be followed by all the misfortunes that could happen within those walls, and, some more, totally unexpected ones with which he will find a new justification for his existence, the desire to face his future and the necessary drive to change. the ending that had been written for her.

On the other hand, an attractive Pol. A successful lawyer and within reach of all whims, he finds himself involved in the plot that will answer, without expecting it, all the questions he has been asking himself over the years and that will end up revealing his origin. along with several well-kept secrets. The crossing, fortuitous or not, with Estela will be the definitive guide to the truth. She, a writer in vein and yet with a blood reticence towards letters and the arts, strictly complies with the lifestyle that she agreed to in exchange for fulfilling her dream, publishing books. Will she get it?

Money, success, love, desires and intuitions are the guests of honor of these characters. With the least friendly face? Continue “Beyond The Walls” and the last pages will be the ones that will solve all the puzzles.


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