Review of the book “Dark Waters” by Robert Bryndza. (Erika Foster Series 3)

“Dark Waters” is the third book in the Erika Foster series, written by British author Robert Bryndza. On this occasion, detective Erika Foster investigates the disappearance of a young university student named Annabelle, whose body is found in a lake in London.

If you like police thrillers with a strong, intelligent and brave protagonist, you can’t miss the Erika Foster series, by British author Robert Bryndza. In this third installment, titled Dark Waters, Inspector Foster faces a case that has been unsolved for twenty-six years: the disappearance and murder of a seven-year-old girl.

It all begins when Erika, who now heads the Organized Crime unit, receives a tip about a stash of drugs hidden in an abandoned quarry. When searching the place, the agents find not only the drugs, but also the skeletal remains of a girl. This is Jessica Collins, who disappeared in 1990 and whose case shocked the country.

Erika decides to take charge of the investigation, even if that means facing her superiors and the former detective on the case, Amanda Baker, who was never able to overcome her professional and personal failure. Erika will have to delve into the Collins family’s past, into the neighbors’ secrets and into the clues that Amanda missed years ago. But someone doesn’t want her to know the truth and she will do everything possible to prevent it.

Dark Waters is a novel that grabs you from the first page and keeps you in suspense until the end. Robert Bryndza has an agile, direct and addictive style that makes you feel part of the story. The characters are very well constructed and have great psychological depth. Erika Foster is a woman who has suffered a lot in her life, but who does not give up in the face of adversity and fights to get justice. The other secondary characters also have their importance and their own personality.

The plot is very interesting and is full of unexpected twists that surprise you and make you doubt everything and everyone. The author knows how to create an atmosphere of suspense and tension that envelops you and makes you feel the anguish and fear of the protagonists.

The novel begins with a shocking scene describing the discovery of the victim’s body in the lake. From that moment on, the author manages to keep the reader in suspense with a plot full of unexpected twists and constant intrigue.

Erika Foster is a very interesting and well-constructed character, with a complex personality and a life story marked by tragedy. In “Dark Waters”, the author delves even deeper into the psychology of the detective, which makes her closer and more realistic. Additionally, Bryndza also develops the secondary characters very well, which adds more depth to the plot.

The plot of “Dark Waters” is very well developed, with several plot threads that become intertwined as the story progresses. The author manages to maintain tension and suspense throughout the book, and manages the timing and emotions of the characters very well.

Another positive aspect of the book is the description of the city of London. Bryndza manages to capture the urban environment of the city very well, and uses the geography of the city to build the plot and make it more interesting.

Regarding the literary style, the author uses clear and direct language, which makes reading fluid and fast. Additionally, Bryndza uses several literary devices to keep the reader’s attention, such as short chapters and cliffhangers at the end of each chapter.

In short, “Dark Waters” is an excellent police thriller that keeps the reader in suspense until the end. The plot is very well constructed, the characters are interesting and the description of the city of London is very accurate. Definitely, a recommended book for lovers of the genre.


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