About the book

I continue to believe in humanity, in harmony, in goodness… I continue to get excited, have dreams and passions. That is why, on this occasion, I wanted to share with you my reasons for dreaming, my reasons for being, my poetic whys. In short, from some of my REASONS of life, which make me vibrate and have been the cause of having created this bouquet of verses with which I hope you connect. And without dreams and emotions, life is not life.

REASONS It is made up of five sections that I hope you like:

Humanitywith which I launch a call for the improvement of our being and our coexistence.

Theyin which I praise the values ​​and rights of women, praising those who have made a deep impression on me.

The heart speakswhere I open myself to the people and issues of this world that have pinched my little heart.

To my poetswith which I pay tribute to great authors that I admire.

Tributes and memoriesin which I remember people and moments in my life that have been and are true treasures.

Put yourself in a comfortable position, in a quiet place where you can breathe that desired piece of calm, with a drink that you like close by your hand and accompany me on this walk, because is there anything that a book cannot offer us?

Give yourself permission today to feel, to reflect, to laugh, to cry… Today and every time I give youIt is he wins it. She disconnects from everything and everyone for a while; She flies and dreams of reading.

And remember: «Whoever has a reason to live, will eventually find the how» (Viktor Frankl).

I welcome you to another of my adventures.

Source: https://algunoslibrosbuenos.com/motivos

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