Look at me and kiss me (The Maxwell Warriors, 8)
de Megan Maxwell

(22 March 2023)
Twins Beth and Gladis Craig were forced to leave Norway, leaving their family behind. Their uncle Leiv’s constant threats made their parents make the tough decision to place them in the care of their uncles Sven and Ottilia in Elgin, Scotland.

Physically they are like two drops of water: blonde hair, light eyes, thin, but their characters are very different. While Beth is smiling, noble, hard-working and a fighter, Gladis is angry, mean, lazy and conformist.

Although Beth is well aware of Gladis’ flaws, she adores her and protects her with her own life, since she promised her parents that. Since she was little, she has always stood up for her and gotten her out of a thousand troubles, without caring about being the bad guy for being the most brutal and warlike of hers.

Everything changes when one night Beth meets Iver McGregor, a handsome young Highlander from the McGregor clan.

Gladis, instead of being happy, becomes jealous. Why did that handsome warrior have to focus on her sister and not her?

Delve into the pages of this romantic novel full of action and adventure and discover the damage that envy can cause.

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