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Seville, a city of great symbolism for the author, becomes the main protagonist of this novel. Through its pages, BLUE JEANS reveals the most emblematic corners and places of a fascinating and inspiring setting: the Santa Cruz neighborhood, the Torre del Oro, the Giralda, Sierpes street or the Triana Bridge.

«Signing his thefts with Chopin’s scores is his way of always keeping him in mind and paying him his particular tribute.»

Blue Jeans takes us to Seville, its most emotional territory, to set a novelistic plot in which none of the ingredients that will make it a great success are missing: love, murders, police chases, never confessed secrets, investigations and intrigue, and all armed with a narrative structure and a frenetic pace that will make its readers unable to stop reading it. The story focuses on Niko and Triana, two teenagers destined to understand each other even though they come from completely opposite worlds. The love and sexual tension between them is present throughout the entire novel.

«He returns to his table… and stares at the computer screen.
When will Chopin return?
That is the headline he has given to his next article…”

Like any good thriller, suspense is guaranteed in The Crimes of Chopin. After the successes of his trilogy The Invisible Girl and The Camp, Blue Jeans has become the master of this genre. The author, a great admirer of Agatha Christie, knows how to perfectly combine the dynamism of a young adult novel with the right doses of intrigue, entanglement and mystery. The reader will enjoy this reading experience in which he or she is invited to take part in the investigation. In the Blue Jeans novels nothing is what it seems and its readers will be hopelessly captivated by these addictive mystery plots.

Through a complex police plot, Blue Jeans immerses us in the ins and outs of crime and robbery investigations within the police, as well as the operation of a police station and the hierarchies within the National Police Corps. In this way we can verify the exhaustive documentation work that the author has carried out to write this novel.

«—I have information in my possession that neither you nor the police have. I know something about the Chopin case that I assure you will surprise you.

We can say the same about the journalistic plot: Blue Jeans correctly and precisely describes the journalistic investigation of the robberies and murders that occur in the novel, and it does so through Blanca, a young journalist who has recently landed in El Guadalquivir. This newspaper, which has only been on the streets for a few months, will have very relevant sources to report, before anyone else, on the latest events taking place around the cases.

«It is difficult for him to enjoy the walk, and the Santa Cruz neighborhood is one of the most magical places in Seville. Triana feels lucky to live in that area of ​​the city. Niko also loves getting lost in those narrow and labyrinthine streets. They talked about it several times during the days of confinement. That’s why everything he finds along the way reminds him of him.”

Through the streets of Seville, Niko, Triana and the numerous secondary characters that populate this plot will experience intrigue, passions, surprises, disappointments and discoveries in a crossover novel in which the secrets of the past will return to the present to place everything in the place it deserves. corresponds.

Why read The Crimes of Chopin by Blue Jeans?
– Youth thriller with the Blue Jeans seal
– Agile reading that makes you unable to stop reading.
– Because sometimes everything gets complicated and you become the main suspect in a crime.

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