Elias Dosunmu has become the most followed and viral gastronomic profile in the entire country in recent years. A position that he reached, as the content creator himself relates, “After a year, without having many results, the first viral video arrived: I went to a fast food chain, recorded it and showed people that there is no “Nothing that can’t be done at home.” From there came his motto Let’s do it better!, with which he titled this book, edited by Oberon.

From that moment on, Elias has established himself on social networks with a large community that, in total, has more than 14 million followers. Each of them carefully follows the content of the content creator who, daily, shares recipes for various dishes in an entertaining and innovative way, replicating multiple recipes from fast food chains. A job with which this young chef and mixologist with roots from Ukraine, Africa and Spain has managed to fulfill his dream.

In Let’s do it better!, his first book, Elias compiles all those quick and easy-to-make recipes that have been a success on social networks. In them he also shares tips and stories from his personal life, thus showing a little piece of his soul. All this complete variety of recipes are organized into 6 different chapters.

Starting with what is the essence of the book, the fast food dishes that we all know taken to another level, with recipes such as the Big Elias Burguer, Bacon Cheese Fries, Kebab at home and Club sandwich, among others. The book continues with a Globe recipes for dishes from around the world that you can cook at home, with typical dishes such as arepa from Venezuela, Curry Tikka Masala from India and Gyozas from Japan. In the rest of the chapters, Elias focuses on economical recipes such as pork katsu and pumpkin risotto, he dedicates a section to The art of hamburgers, with a wide variety of recipes for this typical dish, another to Desserts: Sweetening life with irresistible sweets such as Crepes Suzette and Chocolate Truffles, and a final chapter that shows that homemade always wins with original proposals such as homemade ketchup from scratch, aromatic butter and homemade pasta from scratch. In addition, many of the recipes include QR codes that redirect to different videos in which Elias explains the process of creating the dish.

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