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WHY READ IT PLOT: A year and a half ago, Ruby was accused of the murder of the Truett couple. Now that she has been released, she returns once again to the private neighborhood that convicted her. Why does she come back? This is what her best friend, Harper, is wondering, as she investigates on her behalf after discovering that all the inhabitants of Hollow’s Edge have given false testimonies. CHARACTERS: Ruby Fletcher, the accused. Brandon and Fiona Truett, the victims. Harper Nash, Ruby’s best friend and her neighbor. Other neighbors: Tate and Javier Cora, Chase Colby, Mac and Preston Seaver, Charlotte Brock, Margo Wellman. SPECIAL ATTRACTION: Ideal for fans of Agatha Christie mysteries, in which all the characters are in the same place, and both victim and murderer are among them. Megan manages to make us live the story as if we were there and everything happened in real life. Current topics at every turn of the page * Life in the suburbs and the social pressure of keeping up appearances in the face of a gated community. * The use of surveillance technology, such as cameras and monitoring systems, is a double-edged sword: it guarantees security, but invades privacy by allowing control over the actions of others. * Life in these “bubbles” can turn neighbors into real accomplices.

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A PLACE TOO QUIET, Megan Miranda’s new novel, is a brilliant locked room mystery, in the best tradition of Agatha Christie. It was born in the 19th century, with Edgar Allan Poe (“The Murders in the Rue Morgue”, the first detective novel), but gained prominence in the golden age of detective fiction, with “Murder on the Orient Express”. ” by Agatha Christie, “The Empty House” by Arthur Conan Doyle and “The Hollow Needle” by Maurice Leblanc. All of these novels starred characters who became icons of the genre and were immortalized in film and TV adaptations. The genre of the “locked room” novel has endured and evolved over time, becoming an international success with series such as “Only Murders in the Building” (Steve Martin, Meryl Streep, Selena Gomez) Megan Miranda has written a brilliant mystery in this tradition, in a current context: in “A Too Quiet Place” the events occur in a closed neighborhood in the suburbs, and technology is key to solving the crime.

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