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A thriller with an overwhelming pace and suspense, which reminds us why, since The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair, Joël Dicker has been a publishing phenomenon throughout the world, with more than twenty million readers. The “Napoleonic voice, which does not write, boxes” (El Cultural) returns, Goncourt des Lycéens Prize, Grand Prize for Novels of the French Academy, Lire Prize, Qué Leer Prize, San Clemente Prize and Alicante Noir International Prize. On April 4, A Wild Animal, the new and long-awaited thriller by Joël Dicker, arrives in bookstores from Alfaguara. The Swiss author, who has become a publishing phenomenon throughout the world, presents us on this occasion the story of a robbery that is not what it seems with five characters with many secrets as protagonists. A Wild Animal will be published simultaneously in Catalan by the publishing house La Campana en Catatán. In France, the novel will be published on February 27 in the publishing house founded by the author himself, Rosie & Wolfe, which already published his previous novel, The Alaska Sanders Affair, a continuation of the publishing phenomenon The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair. On this occasion, the cover of the novel in France will be the same as the Spanish and Catalan edition and is a design by the illustrator and plastic artist David de las Heras.

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“The art and skill of a born storyteller, of someone who seems to have been born with the gift of enveloping whoever reads to him with his narration.” Lorenzo Silva “The Swiss who resurrects bookstores.” Jesús Ruiz Mantilla, El País Semanal «The Dicker phenomenon has arrived. The successor to Stieg Larsson and EL James: entertainment in vein. Antonio Lozano, La Vanguardia «The little prince of contemporary black literature […]. “The darling of the literary industry, the type of good looks who was destined to revolutionize the contemporary thriller.” Jesús Merino López, GQ «His secret, the development of addictive plots that move away from the conventional best seller. […] Dicker reaffirms himself as a skillful generator of atmospheres and dizzying intrigues, with constant twists and turns and in which there is not even a minute for rest. Beatriz Martínez, El Periódico de Catalunya «Joël Dicker is confirmed as the author of a work that fulfills what Patricia Highsmith coined as a maxim: “If you are going to write, don’t bore you”». Karina Sainz Borgo, ABC “A true master of illusions.” elle

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