Twenty Reasons of Weight in an unproductive cavern
by Alexandre Guamis Alegre

Forty years dedicated to collecting fragments of moments, passions and sensations in the sensitive lulls of the busy daily life. The author uses Plato’s simile, and recognizes himself trapped inside that cave, although he is aware that Poetry can help achieve true knowledge.

Poetry can provide us with illumination inside the cave that does not allow us to see beyond. That darkness keeps us lethargic and empty of deep sensations, of ordering and giving meaning to that indefinite amalgam that reaches us sensitively and that we see reflected on the wall of the cave from behind.

The author born in 1978, unknown and unpublished until now, did not have a large inherited library at home, he discovered in his childhood and adolescence the classics, and also the avant-garde and in general his own poetry with capital letters and lower case, in small capsules of knowledge surgically selected, in an old Spanish language and literature curriculum in the defunct EGB. Can an anthology bring together an informative capacity? You will find the answer in this anthology that will not leave you indifferent, and with which you will learn a lot of poetry through the evolution of the poetry collection of this son of the EGB.


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