A trip through Italian geography that was to last three months. A “vacation” that surprised someone who only had two backpacks and, suddenly, he found himself living in a country where he had not imagined staying, having to learn a different language and discovering realities that he was unaware of. All this, moreover, in an Italy that is going through a critical economic moment and whose immigration policy is not the most favorable. A contemporary story about immigration and exile, marked by introspection, adventure, resilience and unfinished metamorphosis by adapting to each new situation. An autobiographical story told with honesty and simplicity about the experiences that, like Alice in Wonderland, lead the protagonist to choose between half-open doors or, sometimes, to go through the only door that opened in pursuit of opportunities and, sometimes, just to get shelter, food and serenity. In the end, it is about an internal journey and the search for an Ithaca to which to return or, perhaps, arrive for the first time.


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