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The night of San Juan, the longest of the year, will be eternal for the Serra family. While all of Calella de Palafrugell is enjoying the fireworks, little Biel, two years old, disappears with his tricycle without leaving a trace. After the first investigations, everything seems to indicate that the sea has swallowed it.

The researcher of the National Intelligence Unit, Eva Ayala, is going through a difficult time. A tragedy from her near past does not let her take back the reins of her life and she is about to lose her job. But a mother’s desperate call on her television will take her to that town on the Costa Brava that continues to be shaken by tragedy.

Eva embarks on a journey to prove that she can once again be the excellent researcher she always was. What she doesn’t know is that only the discovery of the truth can free her from the weight of guilt, even if what she faces is terribly cruel. .


That phrase is perhaps the worst epitaph engraved in a mother’s mouth. We have heard it many times, most of them in the news, terrible, which remains in the soul for a while. Until they disappear… But the mother never forgets. The mother always waits. Without giving up. Without stopping searching. Nullified her ability to say goodbye until she truly knows what happened. And even then, she hurts for her son who is no longer there, as happens to those who suffer from the pain of a phantom limb.

The angel’s whisper is above all a song to light, hope and truth. These three pillars are what sustain the orphan mother, even when everyone around her gives up, learns to live with it, or is consumed by grief. Isabel is a mother of courage, as her mother Carmen would have been, as Eva Ayala, the UNI researcher, would have been if the child she was looking for was hers. Motherhood, her instinct, she welcomes and nourishes, and she never gives up. And that “red” thread connects the mothers of this novel in a beautiful tribute.

Interwoven between its pages, the family, whatever its condition, nuclear or single-parent, extensive, childless, homo, composite… What is important are the ties that unite its members, what they are capable of supporting together, the way in which that some protect and/or support others, so that this building made of affections—at least in this novel—does not collapse. Although the wind blows and we have to fight against prejudices and words thrown without sometimes being aware of the damage they do. Because David Olivas’s writing is luminous, but he does not forget the small wounds that others can inflict on us.

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