It’s funny that just when I start going to the psychologist (because I’m a psychologist who doesn’t know how to do self-therapy – and who does? -), I start reading a very revealing book that I should have read last year. In fact, If I only read this book in the rest of 2024, I would have already done something important with my life.

The tools method of Phil Stutz y Barry Michels is a work of non-fiction that aims to give you a series of tools (five, specifically) to find courage, creativity and willpower according to what it says on the cover of the book. Above all, aim to propel your life forward. And I still read this literally from the subtitle.

I thought it was going to be another load of stories about why you have to get up before 6:00 every day and how to use the Pomodoro method to manage your time, but what is my surprise when they start talking about higher forces. Give me two popcorn and leave me alone for a moment, please. Scientific tools and the law of manifestation of The secret finally really developed by someone? I have exaggerated. In this book they don’t teach you how to manifest that way. But at least it’s not like The secret where what they don’t teach you is NOTHING. Let’s not stray from the topic.

Mr. Barry Michels is a psychiatrist (previously a lawyer) who began to be unsure about common practices in psychotherapy, as he believed that these focused too much on the problem and the problem’s past and not on the solution. Phil Stutz was also a psychotherapist, but he had already found a method so that his patients could have something to do to get out of the office, instead of staying there eternally dwelling on their traumas. And this is how they met: a seeker and someone who had already found. Phil spoke to Barry about the tools and the higher forces, but in the face of Barry’s skepticism, like that of so many people about believing in things like Mercury retrograde that, really, I don’t know why it’s so hard for you, if Mercury is there and it’s obvious that he screws us all every time he can.…Just kidding, again. This is much more serious than a planet in a bad mood. Given Barry’s agnosticism, he only asked him to focus on putting the tools into practice and that’s it. And now they’ve written a book because they worked.

Me The tools method it has excited me. I’m seriously thinking about whether to watch the Netflix documentary for more information. And what I did was also try the first tool they present, the one called Desire Reversal. The paradigm shift, I assure you, is amazing. I understood a thousand things in a single mental training where, logically, if I invest the desire I feel towards something I don’t want to feel, everything changes. But the proposals that come later are even better. They talk about things that we all already know, like universal love or gratitude, but in a different way.

The whole thing about co-creating with the universe is something that has always interested me a lot. It is clear that a large part of my reviews (like this, this, this and this, to name a few) are of non-fiction works that have a lot of spirituality, but if you are a skeptical To sum up these issues, take this book as a restorative psychological therapy. The tools simply work. It doesn’t matter who causes them or what. Perhaps they wanted to talk about superior forces, but they could just as well have talked about a super-developed Self. I think that the most mystical touch gives it another point far from the business, technical or scientific, but I understand that it is risky.

To conclude my enthusiastic presentation, I also want to emphasize that they also have a system to protect the use of these tools, so that let’s not stop carrying them out. It is the fifth tool, which puts you in contact with a very distant and, perhaps, unpleasant you, which will energize you like a flying shoe. It’s like when your mother came for the third time during school days and she barely had to say the phrase again. “get up.” You saw her enter and you got up for your own good. This is the same. AND It is magnificent that they move away from the simplistic vision of the human being where he is capable of persevering in his personal change because we all tend to the opposite.. Between the couch and the treadmill…

The tools method It is the only book I could have read this year and that would have been enough for me. I think it will help me a lot to face small and large personal battles and I am in total harmony with what is explained and detailed in it. I think that the work of condensation and sincerity on the part of Phil Stutz y Barry Michels It has been enormous and that they do not keep these tools for themselves and share them with the world is something very generous. I trust that you will take a look at it, even if it is just out of curiosity, and that you will be quite hooked on it. As if an inexplicable force were involved ­čśë


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