God’s signature
by José Antonio Pérez Ledo

The story of La firma de Dios, the podcast winner of the Ondas Awards for Best Script and Best Fiction Podcast, finally in book format in an edition revised and updated by its author.

Tomorrow. A new virus devastates the world’s population. His behavior, which seems to respond to a conscious will, soon shatters the paradigm of science. It is the beginning of a crisis that will call into question everything we think we know about nature and change the world forever.

The renowned screenwriter and writer José Antonio Pérez Ledo, creator of some of the most listened to podcasts, such as The Great Blackout and Guerra 3, has once again revolutionized the world of sound fiction with God’s Signature, a hypnotic dystopia that addresses transcendental questions about the future of humanity by exploring the links between science, mythology and religion.

José Antonio Pérez Ledo is a screenwriter and writer. He is the creator of one of the most listened to fiction podcasts in Spain, El gran apagón, which has had more than eight million downloads and has been adapted into a television series. Another of his creations, Guerra 3, topped the listening charts in Spain and several Latin American countries. His latest sound fiction, God’s Signature, has been number one for several months and was awarded two Ondas Globales Podcast Awards, Best Fiction and Best Script.

He has published the novel Cemetery of Secrets (2023) in Plaza y Janés. He has written the graphic novel The Encyclopedists, a historical thriller set in the Paris of the illustrated salons.

On television, he is the creator of Órbita Laika, the veteran science outreach program on La 2. He is also the creator of Caminantes, a fiction miniseries broadcast on Disney+.

Source: https://algunoslibrosbuenos.com/la-firma-de-dios

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