The senility of Vladimir P.
de Michael Honig

A masterpiece of political satire – soaked in vodka and hilarious – about the decline of a senile Vladimir Putin in the very near future…

Vladimir P ages rapidly isolated in a world populated by memories of his years in power. To get rid of the once all-powerful great leader, with all the honors (and horrors), and not raise suspicions among his subjects, he is tactfully invited to spend the rest of his days confined in a kind of vacation exile within the walls of his luxurious dacha, to the attentive and – anything but disinterested – care of its domestic staff. Only the good Sheremetev, a nurse who attends to him at all hours, is unaware that the rest of the staff is using all the means within his reach to take advantage of the wealth amassed by his feared employer. But when the faithful nurse, inaccessible to the corruption of the palace, is imperatively forced to gather, with great speed, a large sum of money to bribe a prosecutor or, otherwise, resign himself to watching his subversive nephew rot without While in prison, the volatile chef of the dacha discovers the irresistible temptations of the secret world of commissions that moves around him…

Michael Honig graduated in Medicine and served as a surgeon in several teaching hospitals in London. He is the author of another novel, Goldbaltt’s Descent, with which he established himself as a master of satire. He lives in London with his wife and son.


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