Natasha’s sister has disappeared. The police have found her car abandoned on the road, next to a place known as the Bend. With no clues or evidence, the case slowly cools down, while Natasha burns with rage. Della’s family has been selling spells to the desperate for generations, thanks to the magic of the Bend. However, when Natasha knocks on her door, Della understands that it will take much more than a potion to help her. But Della has many secrets to hide. She knows who is behind her disappearance: she is her mother, or rather the sinister monster she has become… Natasha is angry and Della has nothing to lose. They are each other’s only hope.

EricaWaters has written an exciting young adult novel of magic and romance, with an important social, feminist and LGTBQ background, set in rural America.

The River Has Teeth is his first novel translated into Spanish.

Press release

We already know that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover (although this illustration by Chervelle Fryer is amazing!!), so here we leave you a small list of what you can find if you read The River Has Teeth:

– A teenage witch, redheaded and (very) wild,

– Sleeping potions and revenge spells,

– A story of love (and a little hate),

– A mystery to solve,

– A girl with pink hair and a (future) film director,

– An attractive but repulsive country singer,

– Important messages of feminist struggle (inclusive!),

– A cuddly orange cat,

– A river mermaid with hair made of algae,

– LGTBI characters and representation of minorities,

– Haunting Scottish ballads and tales,

– And a lot, a lot of magic.


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