The queen of Nairobi
by Belén Junco

«I leave everything in exchange for nothing. Now it’s my turn to be happy with myself. I propose to start a life without ties, without rules. “A life of mine, only mine.”

Following the impulse of her heart, the protagonist of this novel abandons her dizzying existence in London, an absorbing job, and her glamorous friendships for a new beginning in Africa.

With her travels the pain of a broken heart, but also the dreams of an adventure in which everything is yet to be discovered.

The Queen of Nairobi is an exciting story, full of hope, in which a woman bravely faces the future. Along the way she will discover not only a country and its people but her own soul, unconditional friendship and true love.

Belen Junco Aguado, a journalist by vocation and by hobby, is deputy director of the magazine ¡Hola! and director of Hello! Fashion and Hello! Living room.

While he was a journalism student at the Complutense Faculty of Information Sciences, he began working in this editorial group in which he has remained throughout his professional life and which he logically calls “his home.” In the magazine Hello! He dedicates himself body and soul to providing information with rigor, respect and great glamor about social and institutional events and, above all, human passions.

Now she takes a step forward in one of her “unfinished business” and dares to transfer these passions to a fictional story, very feminine, in which love, heartbreak, betrayal and improvement surround the protagonists of her first novel.

As she herself says: “Feelings are the essence of the human being, and passions are what moves the world.” In The Queen of Nairobi there is a little of all this and a lot of the reality of any of us.


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