The law of the hills
Chris Offutt


After twenty years as an agent in the Army’s Criminal Investigation Division, Mick Hardin is retiring and plans to settle in Corsica. Earlier, he travels to his native Kentucky after a two-year absence to spend a few days with his sister Linda, the county sheriff. Once there, Linda fills him in on the case she’s investigating: the murder of the best local race car mechanic, allegedly involved in illegal cockfighting. When Linda is seriously injured in a shooting, Mick is appointed deputy sheriff and will do whatever it takes to find the gunman. “The Law of the Hills” is, after “The Hills of Death” and “Shifty’s Children”, the third novel by Chris Offutt starring Mick Hardin.

Author biography:

Chris Offutt (1958) spent his childhood and early youth in Haldeman, Kentucky, a mining town of two hundred inhabitants that no longer exists. After graduating from Morehead University, he hitchhiked across the United States and worked more than fifty jobs. A student of James Salter and Frank Conroy in the creative writing course at the University of Iowa, Chris Offutt debuted in 1992 with the book of short stories Kentucky Dry. He is also the author of another collection of stories (Far from the Forest), three autobiographical works and five novels. He has written screenplays for the series Treme, True Blood and Weeds.


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