Review of the book “The Heiress of the Five Suns”, by Natalia Moderc Wahlström

The heiress of the five suns

There are books that just by reading the synopsis you know they are going to catch you. From the first moment I had in my hands The heiress of the five suns I knew that Natalia Moderc Wahlström was going to immerse me in one of those stories that I like so much, a story with all the necessary ingredients to have a good time. I wasn’t wrong, but the truth is that I couldn’t suspect that I would like this book so much. It was just the reading I needed now: an escape reading that would take me to other mental islands. And boy has she achieved it.

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So, readers, I’ll get straight to the point. Let me introduce you to the universe that Natalia Moderc Wahlström has created for us, a small haven of peace to go to to disconnect.

Little Anya lives happily with her parents in a farm in Buenos Aires. There, in the spectacular country house on the flat, fertile plains of the Argentine pampas, she is happy. She has everything a girl could need: the love of her parents, her games, her horse and a peaceful life full of fantasies. Everything is apparently going well, until one day, a fire in the guests’ house during a party ends the life of her father. Broken with pain, her mother, Madeleine, decides to return to her native Windsor with the little girl to reinvent herself and get away from the pain.

Years later, Anya, who has become an excellent veterinarian, feels the need to return to the hacienda, not only to claim the inheritance that belongs to her, but to reconnect with her origins and remember that happy childhood in Buenos Aires. And this is how the beautiful young woman returns to the Buenos Aires farm, the place where she saw her grow up happy, but also the place that she took from her father. A place full of good memories and the most intense pain.

Upon her arrival, Anya reunites with her childhood caregiver, Dora. Returning to that house means reliving the loss of her father, but, at the same time, being there again, as an adult, is an excellent opportunity to reconnect with her past, with her roots. Determined to renovate the house she grew up in, Anya hires an architect, Bastian, who will arrive to turn her world upside down.

Little by little, Natalia Moderc Wahlström immerses us in a plot full of secrets that begin to come to light with the arrival of Anya and the renovation of the house. The discovery of a sculpture in the shape of a sun will reveal the secret that her father had left for her: a treasure that only belongs to Anya and that is hidden among her childhood memories of her in that house.

With the help of Bastian, Anya immerses herself in this search into the past that will bring with her more and more secrets. The pieces of the puzzle of her life begin to fit together as we delve deeper into this story. That past happiness of that girl who ignored so many things begins to transform into a new adult happiness, more tangible, more real.

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As I told you at the beginning, The heiress of the five suns It doesn’t lack anything. Natalia has written a story that keeps you hooked from the first to the last page. A novel written with exquisite taste, with careful, simple language and a lot of charisma.

The heiress of the five suns invites us to dream while we travel through England and Buenos Aires, to let ourselves be carried away by emotions and memories, to make peace with our past, to feel good in our present and to welcome the future. A touching story full of mysteries that you won’t be able to stop reading.

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