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The story of Sergio Fernández, the goalkeeper of TikTok, is that of a tireless worker, family man and gym enthusiast. A self-made man who has managed to connect with the general public by showing the true face of the night through his work as a nightclub bouncer. A job where conflicts are the order of the day. Sergio has risen to fame thanks to the videos he makes on social networks; he currently has 2.6 million followers on TikTok and more than half a million on YouTube. From these platforms he shares the recordings with which he recreates the incredible experiences that he lives every night at the doors of the nightclub. Thanks to the visibility and media impact that he has acquired on TikTok, Zenda magazine has signed him to make literary recommendations and promote reading among young people through his videos.

Sergio’s physical and mental strength can be seen with the naked eye: the seriousness of his face and the size of his biceps convey that image of professionalism and calm that every nightclub bouncer should have. But the sensations change when the cell phone starts recording, there freshness and humor are the owners of the scene. On the networks, Sergio stands out as a fun guy, and in the media, as a great communicator. Even Arturo Pérez-Reverte has publicly expressed his enormous sympathy for it. «I love this guy. It’s Sergio, the goalkeeper of TikTok. And also, read Taras Bulba by @ZeldaEdhasa,” Reverte wrote on Twitter about the author.

His followers gather every weekend at the doors of the Velvet nightclub, where he works and makes most of his videos. On any given Saturday you can take more than 200 photos with his fans. Such is the notoriety that she has acquired that for a couple of months she has also been working as public relations for the establishment.

Sergio affirms that one of the most complicated things about his job as a goalkeeper is determining in a few seconds who could start an altercation within the premises. He pays attention to the behavior in the line, the answers, but above all the look. He trusts his instincts, which have rarely failed him, and that’s what makes him so good at his job. Minimizing problems and acting appropriately when they occur are requirements of the position. As he himself states: «there are days when I enjoy my work; Other days, I don’t like it at all.

The goalkeeper is a story of personal improvement written in the first person. Throughout the twenty-one chapters into which the work is divided we will find incredible stories, life experiences on the edge, and raw emotions that will delight the youngest readers.

This work, highly anticipated by his millions of followers, is written from sincerity and closeness, with a direct and honest style that has made Sergio the goalkeeper of TikTok. The author tells the story of his life with an open heart and without sparing details. From his childhood, his first jobs, to the hardest moments that led to the decision to leave the world of night. He also recounts the years in which he competed in strongman, and how fate made him become the TikTok phenomenon of the moment.

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