The exemplary daughter
by Federico Axat

“One of the best thriller writers.” Javier Castillo, writer

«Now I know that evil hides where you least expect it, and that the places where you thought you were safest can turn out to be the most dangerous.»

This is the last thing Sophia wrote in her diary, almost a year ago. Since then, no one has heard from her, although the evidence suggests that she took her own life by jumping off a bridge and that the incident is related to a gruesome video that went viral at the institute. Her parents refuse to believe it. Her daughter is not the kind of person who would do something like that. When months later the boy who recorded it appears dead from a hammer blow to the head, there are those who dare to think that perhaps Sophia is alive and that her disappearance is part of a plan that she herself has put in motion.

Camila Jones, a temporarily retired investigative journalism celebrity, receives an unexpected visit from a local journalist who wants her to get involved in the case. She has no intention of agreeing, but the revelation that Sophia is linked to an event from her past that no one knows about her leads her to accept the proposal and seek the truth at any cost.

The Exemplary Daughter is the new and surprising novel by Federico Axat, the master of the psychological thriller, which explores family ties and how parents’ expectations of their children can become a dark manipulation mechanism.

Federico Axat He was born in Buenos Aires on June 19, 1975. An engineer by profession, his interest and vocation has led him to writing. He is the author of the novels Benjamín (2010), The Classroom 19 (2012), The Butterfly Swamp (2013), The Last Exit (2015), Amnesia (2018) and The Exemplary Daughter (2022), the latter four published in Destination. With The Last Exit he obtained the recognition of readers and critics. With the translation rights sold to 35 publishers around the world, and with an upcoming audiovisual adaptation, Axat is undoubtedly one of the most important thriller references in Spanish of the moment.


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