Life leads Ramón Arranz to lose his marriage, his job and almost his life. When he believes all the doors are closed, he receives a letter announcing the sale of his grandparents’ house in a town in Malaga. Ramón will not only rediscover love there, but also the mystery that neither memories nor witnesses are able to solve about what happened during the meeting of his grandparents, maternal and paternal, during the civil war. Both, ideologically opposed, were involved in the disappearance of a symbol of great value for the Franco dictatorship.

In that journey dotted with deceptions, false identities, altered memories and the shadow of Freemasonry, Ramón will unmask not only the cruelty that survived three generations, or the perverse acts of a 20th century that has its greatest exponent in the fascist ideologies that still exist. prevail in our society. Above all, he will discover the evil of human greed.


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