The Empress
de Gigi Griffis

(October 13, 2022)
The essential novel for fans of The Bridgertons, Outlander and The Crown. A dazzling reinterpretation of Sisi’s romance.

It is the year 1853, and Isabel “Sisí” from Bavaria, 16 years old, has been very clear: she will wait for the overwhelming and captivating love that the poets speak of, or she will not have any love. That her older sister, Elena, has chosen the line of duty and is preparing to marry Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria, does not mean that Sisi also has to submit to an existence so devoid of passion and regiment. Meanwhile, in Austria, the Emperor is recovering from an assassination attempt that left him wounded and scared.

In an attempt to keep the peace, Franz Joseph has committed himself to his imperial duties and promised a romance with the flexible Bavarian princess, Elena, at her upcoming birthday celebration. What better way to unite the country? But when Sisi and Franz Joseph meet unexpectedly in the palace gardens, far from the prying eyes and relentless criticism of their families, their connection cannot be denied. And when their illicit conversations turn into something more, they soon must choose between the expectations of the court and the burning desires of their hearts…

Gigi Griffis is the author of the lurid YA horror The Wicked Unseen, among other things. She loves little-known stories, “unfriendly” female characters and everything related to Europe. After almost ten years of semi-nomadic living, she now lives in Portugal with a stubborn Yorkie mix named Luna and a fancy blender that costs more than her sofa.


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