About the book

An intimate and political novel that narrates the life of a family of Spanish emigrants in East Germany and depicts East Berlin through the eyes of a growing girl.

Novel winner of the El Ojo Crítico award from RNE for Narrative 2017.

“It is a perfect novel, because of the emotion and because of the author’s way of getting all the decisions right.”
Almudena Grandes


«It is a fascinating story about personal and political uprooting. Katia’s character moves and at the same time illuminates the ideological dramas of 20th century European history. A novel written with a delicacy that touches the heart of the reader.
Manuel Vilas

«Aroa Moreno Durán shows in this first novel an uncommon talent and careful prose, full of imagination, rhythm and powerful, almost poetic images. A discovery”.
Elena Costa, The Cultural

«What a pleasant surprise this novel is. The first fifty or sixty pages are exciting but not at all gimmicky. I will not tell the story that, summarized, could seem banal, but it contains what is so difficult to pin down, define, capture: truth.
Jose Ovejero

“An intimate and beautiful novel crossed by History, which tells the life of some Spanish Republican exiles in Berlin, before the construction of the wall, during and after its fall, using clean, powerful and personal prose.”
Lara Moreno

“Loud and clear. This novel by Aroa Moreno Durán is excellent.
Fernando Aramburu

«[Destaca] “the author’s ability to construct a moving story from suggestion and delicacy in the context of a family of Spanish exiles in East Berlin.”
Jury of the RNE El Ojo Crítico award

Source: https://algunoslibrosbuenos.com/la-hija-del-comunista

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