The Cuban daughter
by Soraya Lane


Havana, 1950. As the first-born daughter of one of the most powerful families in Cuba and considered one of the most beautiful young women on the island, Esmeralda, who loves her family above all, knows how important it is to marry the right person. suitable to continue the Díaz legacy. But everything changes for her when she accompanies her father on a business trip to London and meets Christopher, a young businessman for whom she must make a heartbreaking decision: remain loyal to the family or follow what her heart dictates. London, today. When Claudia discovers that her grandmother was born at Hope’s House, a home for unwed mothers, she begins to question what she knows about her origins. The law firm that gave him the revealing news about her has provided him with a small box with two clues: a coat of arms and an old business card. The coat of arms belongs to the Díaz family, an important Cuban family, and Claudia, determined to find out more about the family past, travels to Havana. There she meets Mateo, a young chef who helps her in her mission, and as she falls in love with Cuba and Mateo, Claudia is forced to choose between following what her heart dictates or abandoning the man she loves. loves.

Author biography:

He was born in Barcelona in 1974. He is the author of three young adult novels: The Colored Forest (1997), El noi i les ones (1999), finalist for the Folch i Torres award, and El tiempo de los hombres (published in Spanish and Catalan). , 2005), and the novels Sorbed my sex. A Journey to the Lives of Paul Boissel (2005) and The Three Bullets of Boris Bardin, award for the best novel of the year 2010 and finalist for the Silverio Cañada Memorial 2011 of the Semana Negra de Gijón for the best criminal debut film. Editor-in-chief of the magazine Qué Leer, his signature has appeared in media such as, among others, Fotogramas, Go Mag and the literary sections of the Anuari de Enciclopèdia Catalana.


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