Álvaro has already turned thirty when a setback at work brings him back to the family home: his mother still lives there and the promises of prosperity from his adolescence also remain, like ghosts. With little else to do, he sets out to unravel an old mystery that began when he was fourteen: the disappearance of a video tape on sex education that was shown in class and that gave rise to other equally inexplicable events.

Between dubious memories, we return with Álvaro to the year 1991to a boys’, state-funded school where they talk about the Spain of the future, where girls are light years away, fathers and sons are incapable of communicating, and maturing means stopping asking questions.

The Chalk Age It is a great coming-of-age novel disguised as a thriller: the story of “the most prepared generation in history,” of the expectations and promises that the young lived to the fullest.boomers and they vanished for the millenials .

About the book

A generational novel, with an ironic touch, unique in the story of a nearby world, in which the first children of the transition grew up and whose promises no longer exist.

An extraordinary debut about the unfulfilled promises of the “most prepared generation in history.”

«The Chalk Age is the recent history of Spain seen from the segregated schoolyard and the housing estates with no past but no future. […]. A tragic and tremendously comic coming-of-age novel that is, at the same time, a splendid detective and ghost story.
Patricio Pron

«Now that life has cast me off like a castaway onto the shores of my childhood…»


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