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This book is the beginning of an important journey. Perhaps, the most transcendental of all; a journey through our body, our self-love, our self-esteem, our insecurities, our mentality. A journey that is normal to give some vertigo, because we do not usually delve into those levels of self-knowledge, but that deserves the courage to put aside the fear of opening these pages or the temptation to abandon this reading, to delve into eight chapters full of questions. Some will have answers; Others will be the responsibility of each reader to answer, and they will have to do it alone. It is possible that at the end of this journey some will even still be in the air.

In this, her first literary project, the model and influencer Marina Llorca has developed the most complete content in which she not only shares her experiences and learnings, but also proposes challenges, exercises, challenges and reflections to the reader that will fully involve them. in reading by making him participate and charting his own path of self-exploration. In this way, this book can also be used as a personal diary.

«The plan is to strip ourselves completely naked, question ourselves, look inside ourselves, express feelings and experiences that we had never expressed out loud or that we had not even been able to accept. Maybe it’s a bit ambitious, I know, but I also know that this trip will be worth it.

Of those muds…

If we analyze what society teaches us since we were very little, we will understand many things. We grew up reading fairy tales where princesses had to be saved by a handsome prince on the back of his white steed. Yes, I know: we all wanted to wear those wonderful dresses and dream of a masked ball in a crystal palace. But make no mistake: we didn’t need to be saved from anything. Not a man to protect us. We wanted to dance at the party until our feet hurt from jumping so much.

Snow White, yes, very nice, but she marries the first guy who plants a kiss on her almost without saying a word. Ariel, a sweetheart, but she sacrifices everything, changes who she really is and abandons his entire family for a man she’s known for three days. We don’t even talk about Cinderella anymore; Her entire value as a woman is based on cooking, sewing, and a half-unknown prince falling in love with her because of her physical appearance.

We grew up with references of this type in love, but times have been changing and, however, even today many women continue to look for that protection or even salvation in their relationship, something that can generate dependency when you feel that without that person you are not worth enough. You change your tastes, your way of being, your friendships, your life, to adapt to someone who you believe is saving you. When what you’re really doing is sinking deeper and deeper into a toxic relationship. However, good news…

Your body is NOT a fashion

Society has a strange taste for congratulating us for things that make no sense, such as being thin. And the truth is that it is not directly the fault of the people; It is simply what we have been taught, what our eyes have become accustomed to. And our role models, who our idols are, who they tell us we should be like, have played an essential role in this.

Starting in the 1980s, happiness and success began to be associated with thinness. The message that ultimately got through was that, if you were thin and had an athletic body, you were automatically a winner in all areas of your life, including love, obviously, when there is no more absurd generalization than that. Can’t people who have a normative thin body feel bad and dissatisfied? Aren’t there people with really big bodies who look attractive and do well?

The first mistake we have made over the last hundred years is treating a woman’s body as just another object. Your body is not a fashion. Throughout history we have been a consumer product, and the body that sold the most has been in demand.

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