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The 13 Exorcisms of Salomon Joch, a crazy pulp adventure that invites us on an unusual tour of one of the most emblematic lands in the south of France.

Its protagonist, Father Salomon Joch, is an exorcist in the service of the Vatican blessed (or perhaps cursed, depending on how you look at it) with the gift of immortality. He has lived adventures that most cannot even imagine. After having spent millennia fighting against the forces of evil, he now tells us about his adventures through French lands, where he must fight thirteen battles against the souls that have been possessed by a dark army commanded by Lucifer himself.

In each of these battles, Father Joch will face demons that try to corrupt everything and everyone… But these signs of the evil that the exorcist must eradicate are nothing more than the calm before the storm, since a curse born in times immemorial is about to unleash Armageddon.

The author of this novel, Paul Arquier-Parayre, was born in Perpignan. He works as a counselor at a local youth placement center and is passionate about science fiction and fantasy films. His first novel, Retour à Tautavel, was awarded a distinction at the Prix Méditerranée Roussillon. The 13 Exorcisms of Salomon Joch is his most recent novel.

This novel is an explosive combination of everything that the Obscura books contain and that we like to give our readers so much: action, adventure, humor, and, of course, the occasional exorcism. And David Rendo’s spectacular cover already makes it clear where the shots will go (sometimes literally). Mariona Gastó has been in charge of the translation from French.

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