The author:

Segismundo Yojarranza was born in Bilbao, on September 13, 1969, on a stormy night. He currently lives in a town called Castellbisbal, with Stark, a German shepherd with a fear of rain. Since he was a child, he was always attracted to the world of art. At the priests’ school where he studied, he was part of the choir and excelled in marquetry. Later, after leaving his studies in Medicine and Law, he tried his luck as a musician in various punk and rock bands. Afterwards he dedicated himself for a time to sculpture, painting, mime, juggling and porn. After failing in all those artistic disciplines, he now tries to prove his worth with literature. Without any training, university degrees or degrees, nor a regular job, Segismundo decided to write a crime novel, a thriller that portrayed today’s Spain, with its economic and social crises, political problems and corruption. BAC is the result of a year and a half of pounding the keys on a borrowed laptop, which was missing the “s” and the “x”, apart from the battery. With the income he obtains from the sales of his book on Amazon, he has already bought his own laptop (in installments) and continues writing. He has taken a liking to the noir genre, where human beings can show the worst of themselves, something that Segismundo is used to.


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