My name is JF Acroll and I am a writer. I was born in Granada on July 13, 1989 and, from that moment, I fell in love with my land. Every corner and every alley of my land inspires and excites me, which is why Granada is present, in one way or another, in most of my stories.

For as long as I can remember, I have felt the need to tell stories. I am passionate about art, history, literature, architecture, photography, nature and traveling. Each of my passions helps me find inspiration and create fantasy kingdoms, like the land of Ma’oz, that draw from all the experiences and influences I have.

In addition to fantastic literature, I love writing stories, playing with poetry and experimenting with other genres that you will gradually discover.

The Stories and Memories of Old Lulot simply aim to transmit to the reader some vital teachings that I myself have learned. One of them is to do what you like without worrying too much about the result.

Therefore, throughout the story you will find small illustrations, very simple but related to the stories.

These are doodles made by me, with the sole objective of trying to convey to the reader my feelings when writing the stories in a different way.

You will see that drawing is not my strong suit, but I decided to incorporate these little ones into the illustrations because, despite knowing that I don’t draw well, it makes me happy to do so. It is my way of encouraging you to do everything that fulfills you and makes you feel good, regardless of whether the result is more beautiful or less.

Tales and Memories of Old Lulot is a short novel inspired by two of my favorite books, The Little Prince and The Alchemist.

At a difficult time in my life, I used to go for a walk along the Paseo del Salón de Granada, a place that inspired me and where I reflected on many issues, and it was in this place that old Lulot found me. It was there, inspired by my favorite books, where I reflected on the issues I talk about in Tales and Memories of Old Lulot. Later, studying in Paris, I missed that place so much that I began to write these stories to try to find the solace I needed. Therefore, in Tales and Memories of Old Lulot you will find some reflections on specific moments that we all experience in life that may help you. It is a tender, magical book that leaves the heart warm or, at least, it tries to.


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