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Alonso Caparrós undresses himself with a story that does not shy away from portraying his defects and most difficult moments, while still radiating joy, a sense of humor and resilience. Starting from scratch is a brave book about the keys to self-improvement from the most personal experience, how Alonso Caparrós has faced his demons and how to achieve happiness.

In this book, Alonso shares his learning of personal growth based on retreats in the mountains, meditations and volunteering to forge a new vision of his own life: a journey that led him to resume his work in the media, to reconcile with his family and to recover his children who were increasingly distant from him.

Why do you have to read this book?
1 Alonso Caparrós is a well-known television personality in our country. His fall into drug use and his recovery in recent years has been an example to many people.

2 Thanks to his experience with volunteering and meditation, Alonso has learned to reconcile with his past and reinvent himself every day: in this book he shares his experiences and learnings.

3 The author remains a regular contributor to Sálvame and has more than 100K followers on Instagram.

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