Review of the book “Sputnik, my love” by Haruki Murakami


“Sputnik, my love”, by Haruki Murakami, one of the most recognized and read Japanese writers in the world. It is a novel that explores human relationships, love, loneliness and the search for identity through three characters who find themselves in the great city of Tokyo.

The narrator is a young primary school teacher who is in love with Sumire, a girl who aspires to be a novelist and who lives outside social norms. Sumire, in turn, is attracted to Myû, a mature and mysterious woman who works in the business world and who offers her a job as a secretary. The two women travel together through Europe, while the narrator stays in Japan waiting for news from Sumire. However, one day he receives a call from Myû from a small Greek island, asking him to come look for her because Sumire has disappeared.

“Sputnik, My Love” is a novel by acclaimed Japanese author Haruki Murakami that follows three characters, K, Sumire and Miu, whose lives become intertwined in a series of strange and unnerving events. The novel explores themes such as loneliness, identity, and the nature of love.

The plot of “Sputnik, my love” develops in two parallel plot lines. On the one hand, we follow K, a high school teacher who falls in love with Sumire, a young writer struggling to find her place in the world. On the other hand, we follow Miu, a mysterious woman who hires Sumire as her personal assistant and who has a dark past.

The novel develops on two levels: the real and the imaginary. The real one is the one that shows the daily lives of the characters, their problems, their dreams and their frustrations. The imaginary is the one that opens with the disappearance of Sumire, which introduces fantastic and metaphorical elements that question the reality and identity of the characters. The book’s title refers to the Russian satellite Sputnik, which was launched into space in 1957 with the dog Laika on board. Sputnik symbolizes the loneliness and isolation of the characters, who revolve around the Earth without being able to communicate with anyone. The dog Laika represents the tragic and cruel fate of Sumire, who is lost in an unknown world.

“Sputnik, my love” is a novel that combines realism with surrealism, melancholy with humor, poetry with prose. It is a novel that talks about love in all its forms: platonic love, homosexual love, impossible love. It is a novel that reflects on the human condition, on the meaning of life and on the need to find a place in the world.

Murakami’s prose in “Sputnik, My Love” is poetic and evocative, and his ability to create atmospheres and emotional landscapes makes reading a sensory experience. Despite the complexity of the plot, Murakami manages to develop complex and believable characters, whose emotions and experiences resonate with the reader.

One of the most interesting aspects of the novel is the exploration of loneliness and identity. Through the characters, Murakami reflects on the importance of human connection in our lives, and how loneliness can be a heartbreaking experience. Additionally, the novel highlights the importance of authenticity and human connection in the search for truth.

In short, “Sputnik, my love” is a moving and profound novel that demonstrates Haruki Murakami’s talent for exploring human emotions and creating memorable characters. Through the lives of these characters, the author invites us to reflect on the nature of love, loneliness and identity. This novel is a must-read for Murakami fans and those interested in the exploration of human psychology and contemporary Japanese literature.


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