Review of the book “Seven monsters and a cat”, by Rafa Ordóñez & Christian Inaraja

Seven monsters and a cat

Seven monsters and a cat It is an entertaining proposal that Kalandraka Editora brings us for the Halloween parties. A children’s story so that children can take away their fear of the monsters on the most terrifyingly fun night of the year.

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“Seven monsters and a cat go out for a walk. They want to give us a good scare and thus make us feel very comfortable. But…”thus begins this story full of color and desire to have a good time.

On each page we will see how one of the monsters finds its Achilles heel in its path, its kryptonite, that which scares it and makes it want to run away… while the others continue on their way without looking back (is it because Are they monsters who don’t care about others?).

The line of characters Seven monsters and a cat It is led by the latter, who is not scary, except to people allergic to his fur, and who little by little will demonstrate that being brave is not enough just to keep going.

The ghost will be scared by the wind, the vampire by the sun, the zombie by a simple fall, the witch by her reflection, the mummy by her nakedness, the werewolf by the sounds of other animals and the Frankenstein monster by a small child. little worm… but what about the cat?

Seven monsters and a cat It is perfect to read with a child interested in having a good time while being scared, who knows the typical monsters that come out on Halloween night to walk through the streets of the city. But it is also ideal to return to that age where it was free to dream, where fears were cured with hugs and where the monsters in the closet were not real.

Kalandraka editor in her books to dream It always brings us stories that touch our hearts, it doesn’t matter if they have 200 pages or less than 10, what matters is that its content always has an important message and that, thanks to them, we can help the little ones to conquer unexplored territories of their personality, those who face what prevents them from sleeping.

Seven monsters and a cat It is, as I say, a good option to share with them and with ourselves, and we should not read it with trepidation but with the joy of someone who knows they are going to enjoy a story where, although no one talks to anyone and where almost everyone world runs away, we can learn many things.

Have you written a book and want us to read it?Have you written a book and want us to read it?

Intuiting that its writer Rafa Ordóñez and its illustrator Christian Inaraja intended to send us a message through these pages, although perhaps I have detected it, has made me feel good about myself, and that is something that few books achieve.

Lee Seven monsters and a cat, Look for your own message and discuss it with others, see what they deduce. Only in this way can reading be encouraged, critical thinking and freedom of expression encouraged.

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