The city of Arkham (Yes, if you didn’t know that’s where the name of Gotham City’s famous asylum comes from) it’s the place that H.P. Lovecraft used as the location in which several of his stories take place, including “The color that fell from the sky». The place in which the author places us is at least gloomy and withered, which the reader feels instantly given the mastery with which Lovecraft describes the spaces, however, the real achievement is the sensation that is produced when reading, an aura of desolation. It hovers in every word that reveals the social and emotional state of the people who live in the countryside near the town.

Our protagonist enters an underworld of horror, not directly, but by asking the inhabitants the reasons why the countryside has withered and the fauna has died, in such a way that he manages to find out about a terrifying event that was cruel to a peasant family The unknown has fallen on Earth and has brought with it a cosmic evil that absorbs life, a force of nature that degrades everything it touches and slowly tears away humanity.

Lovecraft manages to make the reader imbued with the horror of witnessing an event that shows the fragility of the human being in the face of the unknown, of existing in a carcass of flesh that rots easily and of knowing that death will undoubtedly embrace him. ways that he cannot understand.

«The color that fell from the sky» is also a story about the human psyche, showing how its characters slowly fall into madness, how they are consumed by the dementia that the cosmic entity brings with it and the putrefaction that establishes itself in a once healthy field. Maybe that’s the horror that imbues Lovecraftto show the horror of the rot that comes with death.

Not in vain is this story one of the most popular among the public, evidencing the fragility of the human being, both physically and mentally, creating an environment in which the entity is not as terrifying as the consequences of its existence and the trail of death and putrefaction. that reveals the reality of human misery.



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